Three Big Books

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You can lose yourself, WNYC's Sara Fishko tells us, in three enormous coffee table books - no coffee table required. Here is the next Fishko Files.



David Carbonara
The Men of Sterling Cooper
From Mad Men: After Hours (Music from the Original Series)
Available on Amazon

David Carbonara
From Mad Men, Vol. 1 (Music from the TV Series)
Available on iTunes

Lalo Schifrin
Long Long Summer
Dizzy Gillespie, trumpet; Leo Wright, saxophone; Lalo Schifrin, piano; Bob Cunningham, bass; Chuck Lampkin, drums
From A Musical Safari Live at the 1961 Monterey Jazz Festival
Availabe on Amazon

Thelonious Monk
Well You Needn't
Charlie Rouse, tenor saxophone; Thelonious Monk, piano; Edward "Butch" Warren, bass; Frankie Dunlop, drums
From Live at Monterey Jazz Festival 1963, Volumes 1-2
Available on Amazon


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