Thomas K. Finletter

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Thomas K. Finletter, second Secretary of the Air Force of the United States Air Force

This episode is from the WNYC archives. It may contain language which is no longer politically or socially appropriate.

Jay Nelson Tuck moderates.

Guest is Thomas K. Finletter, Lawyer and Statesman.

Panelists include Jim Farrell, Ed Stover, and Geraldine Ferraro.

Finletter does not believe that the US should pull out of the Formosa Straights. He is also asked about Eisenhower's reasoning for defending Formosa and the islands nearer China. This is a military move to protect the United States. Finletter does not believe that US national safety depends on the Camuy Islands as Eisenhower has said. He goes on to discuss the instability in the Middle East. He believes that the US should go before the UN to aid Israel. The discuss the handling of the Aswan Dam.

Finletter speaks in favor of the Democratic party.

Audio courtesy of the NYC Municipal Archives WNYC Collection

WNYC archives id: 72156
Municipal archives id: LT8245