This Nashville Treasure Is Trying To Make A Comeback

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Rabbi Isadore Lewinthal is one of the Nashvillians depicted on Red Grooms' carousel. The structure covering his head is the Vine Street Synagogue, where many Jews worshipped in downtown Nashville from the 1870s to the 1950s. (Chas Sisk/WPLN)

Not too long ago in Nashville, you could have discovered a quirky carousel along the banks of the Cumberland River — just a short walk from Music City’s honky-tonk bars.

Designed by the pop artist Red Grooms, the spinning homage to Tennessee delighted and bemused tourists and families, starting in the late-1990s. Then it was abruptly closed and taken down.

Chas Sisk (@chassisk) from Here & Now contributor WPLN found out what happened to the Red Grooms carousel, and how it could be brought back.

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