This group is joining the Women’s March from Antarctica

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The Women’s March has reached Antarctica — specifically, on a ship of about 100 travelers who are on an expedition to the continent. Linda Zunas, who organized their participation, told the PBS NewsHour in an email that she was on her third visit to the continent but still wanted to take part in the day of demonstrations.

“We can’t invite the public, but welcome all ship-board guests and staff to join us,” Zunas said on a website dedicated to their event. She added in an email to the NewsHour that while the group is primarily focused on environmental issues, they did not want their isolation to impede on their ability to march. “I spent a month after the election mourning the impending damage to the earth that will be done. I felt like I needed to do something to be part of the global movement.”

The group made about 50 signs on Wednesday and plans to march on land in solidarity with organizers in Washington, D.C. Zunas said their contingent ranges in age, from 24- to 87-years-old, and come from more than six countries.

Marches and demonstrations are planned for Saturday in all 50 states, in more than 60 countries and on every continent.

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