This 89-Year-Old Is Walking To Make Juneteenth A National Holiday

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Opal Lee plans to turn 90 on her walk to the nation's capital. Behind her is Willie Johnson, principal of E.B. Comstock Middle School in Dallas, who joined her for a leg of the walk. (Christopher Connelly/KERA News)

Opal Lee, an 89-year-old woman from Fort Worth, Texas, is on a mission to make Juneteenth a nationally observed holiday.

Juneteenth, or June 19, 1865, was the day word arrived in Texas that slavery had been abolished. To bring attention to her cause, she’s on a symbolic walk to Washington.

Christopher Connelly from KERA in Dallas reports.


Christopher Connelly, reporter covering Fort Worth, Texas, for KERA. He tweets @hithisischris.

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