Things Fall Apart

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3 segments
Modern red couch

Feelings change faster than the objects around them—the right furniture can act as a trusted anchor tying us to the ideals we forget, standards we transgress and loves we abandon, drawing us back from our uncoiling humanity to the life we once promised we wanted.   Dolan Morgan, “Interior Design.”

Guest host Robert Sean Leonard presents three stories about lives in chaos. In Dolan Morgan’s comically transgressive “Interior Design,” a couple discovers that a furnished apartment can be hell on your love life. Author Morgan comments that he sometimes has trouble with the boundaries between animate and inanimate objects. “Interior Design” is read by Wyatt Cenac, whose website describes him as “Comedy Person.”

Furniture plays a more discreet role in Irish writer Anne Enright’s “In the Bed Department,” read by Christina Pickles. A middle-aged woman working in a department store faces an unexpected change, and isn’t sure how she feels about it. Enright’s novel The Gathering won the Man Booker prize.

When fantasy writer Joe Meno looks up, he doesn’t see the world the way the rest of us do. His people might turn into clouds, or in the case of the last story on this show, the night sky might be irrevocably and frighteningly altered. “The Architecture of the Moon,” is read by Wren T. Brown

“Interior Design,” by Dolan Morgan, performed by Wyatt Cenac

“In the Bed Department,” by Anne Enright, performed by Christina Pickles

“The Architecture of the Moon,” by Joe Meno, performed by Wren T. Brown

The SELECTED SHORTS theme is David Peterson's “That's the Deal,” performed by the Deardorf/Peterson Group.

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