These Are 10 of the People Killed by Cars in NYC This Year

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Here are the stories of 10 people who have died in car crashes in 2014 – 10 of the 138 killed on New York City streets. They are children and seniors, New Yorkers and visitors, drivers, passengers, cyclists and pedestrians.

Perla Reyes, a young mother, had hoped to move her daughter out of the Bronx and give her more freedom. Nine-year-old Cooper Stock would high-five strangers at Knicks Games. Alex Shear collected pop culture artifacts and the stories of the people who made them. Pedro Santiago read Cervantes, when he wasn’t delivering food. Zack Fortune was building a career as a D.J. Kelly Gordon baked fancy cakes for friends, when she wasn’t studying. Ida Rosenblatt took up tai chi and yoga after her husband died. Philbert Williams hoped his degree in criminal justice would lead him to the CIA. Five-year-old Roshard Charles wanted to be a doctor.

You can read full profiles of Perla Reyes, Cooper Stock, Alexander Shear, Pedro Santiago, Zack Fortune, Kelly Gordon, Ida Rosenblatt, Philbert Williams, Charity Hicks, and Roshard Charles. They'll live in our Mean Streets tracker, and new profiles will be added in the months ahead. 

These are just a handful of the traffic deaths this year. We want to tell more of those stories.

If you know someone who has been killed in a traffic crash in 2014, we'd like to hear from you about who they were – their hobbies and hopes, dreams and goals. Call and leave a personal memory at (347) 352-5686, or email