There Goes The Neighborhood: Race & Gentrification

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March 2006: The influx of more affluent residents in Williamsburg has pushed up housing costs and made it difficult for the Latino, Hasidic, Polish, and Italian communities.
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The narrative of gentrification in America is often told as a story of something new coming in to a neighborhood. The lesser heard tale is one of forced migration, often for people of color who are pushed from the communities they've lived in for generations.

Those voices are at the heart a new podcast that takes an in-depth look at the gentrification of Brooklyn. It's called, "There Goes The Neighborhood," and it's a partnership between our co-producer, WNYC, and The Nation.

Rebecca Carroll is the producer of Special Projects on Race at WNYC, and she's also a reporter for the podcast. Rebecca explains that, at its core, gentrification is a story of race. 

Check out some photos from "There Goes The Neighborhood" below.