The Thistle & Shamrock: The American Folklife Center At 40, Part 2

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In 1976, the American Folklife Center was created at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. Charged with preserving and presenting American folk traditions, its collections and events also embrace cultures from every corner of the globe. In our second program marking the AFC's 40th anniversary, folklorists Nancy Groce and Steve Winick guide us through the life's work of some dedicated individuals who contributed their song collections to the Center's extraordinary archives.

Read more about the AFC's 40 years of work.

Featured Songs:

  • Jean Ritchie, "Poor Wayfaring Stranger"
  • Christine Kydd and Rod Paterson, "Gudeen To You Kimmer (The Noddin' Song)"
  • Emma Dusenbury, "The Dodger"
  • Jean Ritchie, "Nottamun Town"
  • Bert Jansch, "Nottamun Town"
  • "Dreg Song" (from the AFC's Carpenter Collection)
  • Boatie Blest Rowing Club, "Dreg Song"
  • Archie Fisher, "Dreg Song"
  • John Matheson, "Gabhaidh Sinn a' Rathad Mòr"
  • Laura MacKenzie with Dáithí Sproule and Andrea Stern, "Gabhaidh Sinn a' Rathad Mòr"
  • John Matheson, "A Mhàiri Bhàn Òg"
  • Laura MacKenzie with Dáithí Sproule and Andrea Stern, "A Mhàiri Bhàn Òg"
  • Romaine Lowdermilk, "Zebra Dun"
  • Georgia Turner, "House Of The Rising Sun"
  • The Animals, "House Of The Rising Sun"
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