The Bundy Brothers, Chicago Accents, Victoria Woodhull

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From the opera "Mrs. President."
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Coming up on today's show:

  • Ammon and Ryan Bundy, along with five other anti-government protesters, were acquitted on Thursday of federal conspiracy and weapons charges. The charges had been brought after the group occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge for 41 days last winter. Amelia Templeton, a reporter with Oregon Public Broadcasting who has been covering the trial, has the details. 
  • The latest release from Wikileaks shows additional conflicts of interest involving the Clinton Foundation, including how a former Clinton White House aid, Doug Band, worked to obtain flights and payment for Bill Clinton and the Clinton family. Annie Karni, politics reporter for POLITICO, has the details. 
  • Evan Bayh, a former two-term U.S. senator and governor from Indiana, is attempting to win back his Senate seat in the Hoosier State as Republican Todd Young closes in on his lead. Brandon Smith, statehouse bureau chief for public radio station WFYI, brings us the latest. 
  • As Halloween approaches, Takeaway Culture Reporter Melissa Locker discusses the feminist horror films you should be watching, and Rafer Guzman, film critic for Newsday and The Takeaway, reviews the new movies hitting the box office this weekend.
  • In the Windy City, does anyone under 50 still speak with a classic Chicago accent? You may find them tonight at the first home game for the Cubs in the World Series. Dennis Foley, author of "We Speak Chicagoese," looks back at the evolution of this distinct accent. 
  • In 1872, Victoria Woodhull ran for president of the United States at a time when women did not even have the right to vote. Her opposition called her "Satan," claiming she belonged in jail. "Mrs. President," an opera in two acts by composer and conductor Victoria Bond, tells Woodhull’s story. Bond, who is currently principal guest conductor of the Chicago Chamber Opera and artistic director of Cutting Edge Concerts New Music Festival, joins The Takeaway today.