Today's Takeaways: Outrage in Moscow, Exoplanets, and A Soundtrack for The News

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An artist's rendering if Kepler 186f – a world extremely similar to Kepler 438b, an Earth-like exoplanet orbiting an M-class dwarf star in the habitable zone.
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SPECIAL EPISODE: All of the music heard in this podcast was performed live in our studio by the band Red Baraat! Today's News Lineup: 1. Masha Gessen: Russia Today Is a 'Totalitarian State' | 2. Washington Divided Ahead of Netanyahu Visit | 3. NASA Astronomer Explains What Life is Like on Kepler-438b | 4. Missing WWII Airmen Buried After 70 Years | 5. LAPD Fatally Shoots Homeless Man | 6. Looking for Gold in the Mountains of Maine | 7. Red Baraat Live at The Takeaway!