A Day Of Theatre! 'Present Laughter', 'Oslo', Dianne Wiest On 'Happy Days', Andy Karl On 'Groundhog Day'

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Andy Karl stars as Phil Connors in "Groundhog Day."

Kate BurtonKristine Nielsen, and Cobie Smulders star in the hilarious Noel Coward comedy, "Present Laughter." Kevin Kline plays the self-involved star Garry Essendine. The wonderful duo of Kristine Nielsen and Kate Burton, try to do damage control, while femme fatale Cobie Smulders manages to create more mayhem – and delicious chaos ensues!  Tony Award-winning actors Jefferson Mays and Jennifer Ehle join us to discuss starring in J.T. Rogers’ drama “Oslo.” The play chronicles the secret peace back-channel talks that took place in the wilds of Norway in 1993, and which led to the Oslo Peace Accords between the Israelis and Palestinians. Academy Award-winning actress Dianne Wiest and Yale Rep Artistic Director James Bundy join us to discuss their production of Samuel Beckett’s "Happy Days." Wiest stars as Winnie, a woman living in a waist-high mound of dirt, who carries out a daily routine while talking to her husband, Willie. Tony Award-winning actor Andy Karl joins us to discuss his starring role in “Groundhog Day.” Based on the 1993 film, the musical tells the story of a weatherman who finds himself trapped in a small-town reliving the same day over and over again.