Dinner Party Manners, The Many Ways To Make Meatloaf, Honey and Beekeeping, Peter Gethers Learns To Cook Like Mom

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Palestinian beekeepers Wael Edwak, left, and workers lift honeycombs from a beehive while Mohammed Edwak, right, uses smoke to calm the bees during the honey harvest at a farm in Bureij refugee camp.

For our final installment of our Food Friday’s mini-series on dinner parties, New York Times “Social Qs” columnist Philip Galanes, and New York Times food columnist and cookbook author Melissa Clark pair social graces with the perfect dishes for your next get together. New York Times op-ed columnist Frank Bruni and New York Times reporter Jennifer Steinhauer join us to discuss the many ways to make meatloaf. Publisher, screenwriter and author Peter Gethers joins us to discuss his new book about his mother, Judy. He tells the story of how she came to love cooking later in life, the influence she had on names like Wolfgang Puck and Nancy Silverton, and her time working alongside Julia Child. Gethers collects these stories while also learning how to cook his mother's favorite dishes. We end Food Fridays on a sweet note with a Please Explain all about honey and beekeeping! We’ll learn about the many different varieties and flavors of honey, and find out why raw honey - although twice as sweet as sugar - is filled with nutrients. We’ll also get recipes and tips for cooking with honey, and advice for aspiring beekeepers from Kim Flottum, veteran beekeeper, and Amelie Tremblay, a beekeeper from Tremblay Apiaries in the Finger Lakes region of upstate NY.