Laura Poitras documents Julian Assange, Drawing the Universe, Elif Batuman's Novel, and How To Take a Bullet Out of a Body

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Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, as seen in the documentary "Risk," by director Laura Poitras.

Laura Poitras discusses her new documentary "Risk," it follows the life of WikiLeaks creator Julian Assange over six years. During this time, Assange's public image as a champion of open information is complicated by accusations of sexual assault and his role in influencing the 2016 elections. Particle physicist Daniel Whiteson joins us to discuss the new book, We Have No Idea, which uses illustrations and infographics to explore what we have learned about the universe and what still baffles us. New Yorker staff writer Elif Batuman discusses her new novel The Idiot, which follows a young woman’s freshman year at Harvard in 1995. JasonFagone, contributing writer to HuffPost Highline, discusses what it takes to save the lives of the many, many people who have been wounded by gun violence.