Tackling Climate Change On The Local Level, Working The 'Dead Beat,' Graeme Macrae Burnet, How Big Data Changed Baseball

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The new documentary "Obit" follows The New York Times obituary desk.

Carl Pope, former executive director of the Sierra Club, proposes taking on the challenges of climate change by envisioning them as a series of manageable obstacles. Director Vanessa Gould joins us to discuss her new documentary, “Obit,” along with Bruce Weber, a former New York Times reporter who wrote obituaries for eight years. “Obit” explores what it's like to work the "dead beat." Bestselling author Graeme Macrae Burnet discusses his latest book, which tells the story of a brutal triple murder in the Scottish Highlands in 1869. Keith Law, a former MLB statistical analyst who now writes for ESPN, argues statistical measurements and computer programs have made conventional methods of evaluating players and teams obsolete.