Food Fridays Returns! Planning A Dinner Party, America's Best New Chefs, The Secrets Of Pie Making

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Bubby's Strawberry Rhubarb Pie uses local rhubarb from the farmers market.

Andrew Tarlow, owner of acclaimed Brooklyn restaurants like Brooklyn's Diner, Reynard, The Ides and the Wythe Hotel, joins us along with Anna Dunn, editor-in-chief of the company’s quarterly magazine, Diner Journal. They will discuss their new cookbook, Dinner at the Long Table, to kick off our mini-series all about dinner parties. We’ll also take calls about tips and tricks for organizing dinner parties. Food & Wine editor-in-chief Nilou Motamed and chef Angie Mar on the publication's Best New Chefs in America list. Sohui Kim and Ben Schneider, co-owners of The Good Fork in Red Hook, discuss their new cookbook, The Good Fork Cookbook. Kim, the chef of The Good Fork, combines Korean and American styles in her dishes. The restaurant has been open for more than a decade. It was destroyed during Superstorm Sandy, but the community later helped them rebuild it. Our first Food Fridays Please Explain will be all about pies and pie making with Ron and Melissa Silver, co-owners of Bubby’s, which opened over 25 years ago as a wholesale pie business and has grown into a string of restaurants, a catering business and a store specializing in their renowned “heirloom pies."