Solving Poverty In America, Abuse At For-Profit Schools, Untold Stories From WWI, The Kinks' Dave Davies

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U.S. troops of the 1st Division, the first American troops to land on French soil, parade in St. Nazaire, France, June 26, 1917 during World War I.

Peter Cover is the founder of the for-profit, welfare-to-work company, America Works. He joins us to share his ideas for revamping poverty programs to emphasize jobs. Founding member of The Kinks Dave Davies joins us to discuss his latest solo album, “Open Road." Davies collaborated on the album with his son Russ, who is also a musician. Filmmakers Amanda Pollak, Rob Rapley and Stephen Ives discuss their new 3-part documentary for PBS American Experience, “The Great War.” The film draws on unpublished diaries and letters to share the untold stories of African-American and Latino soldiers, suffragists, Native American “code talkers” and others. Sarah Carr, editor of the Teacher Project at Columbia's School of Journalism, discusses her latest investigative piece for Slate, which explores allegations of abuse at schools run by the for-profit company, Camelot Education.