The Price Workers Pay For Alabama's Jobs Boom, How Bioengineering Will Change Us, Joan Nathan Searches The World For Jewish Dishes

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David Reeves inspects a new sedan at the Mercedes-Benz factory in Vance, Ala.

Bloomberg Businessweek reporter Peter Waldman investigates risky work conditions in the South's manufacturing revival. He looks at the reality of life for factory workers: long hours, 7-day work weeks, low pay, little training, high risk of death or injury and minimal safety regulations. Award-winning poet Alice Oswald joins us to discuss her latest collection of poetry where she depicts classical figures living in an English landscape. James Beard Award-winning author Joan Nathan joins us to discuss her latest cookbook, which was inspired by the biblical King Solomon. Solomon was believed to have sent emissaries across the world and, in doing so, spread Jewish food and culture far beyond Israel. Journalist Adam Piore explores the field of bioengineering. Piore reveals how human bodies can be rebuilt and augmented in countless ways. He’ll be joined by Pat Fletcher, who lost both of her eyes in an industrial accident. She now uses a device that allows her to "see with her ears."