Uncovering Abuse In Iraq, Love Advice From Adam and Eve, Trump's New Tenant

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An Iraqi army humvee passes next of a state-sanctioned Shiite militant, as black smoke cover the sky during their battle against the Islamic State group, in Haj Ali frontline village, southern Mosul,

FRONTLINE correspondent Ramita Navai discusses their new film that looks into allegations that Shia militias are abusing Sunni Muslim civilians. A new book tells the true story of an artist who went on a nearly five month-long bicycle ride in order to reunite with the woman he would eventually marry. New York Times columnist Bruce Feiler discusses how Adam and Eve's relationship embodies a successful, long-lasting relationship. Mother Jones reporter Ross Choma discusses how a new tenant in a building owned by President Donald Trump is linked to the Chinese ruling elite and what is considered a front group for Chinese military intelligence. 

Also, Leonard Lopate will interview his brother, essayist Phillip Lopate, about his work on March 21 at Queens College's Music Building at 7 p.m.