Protest Art, Colum McCann on Guns; The Refugee Crisis Industry

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Artist Elizabeth Murray, subject of Kristi Zea’s EVERYBODY KNOWS…ELIZABETH MURRAY. (Reprinted with permission from Courtesy of Taskovski Films.)

Arun Venugopal guest hosts!

Khadijah Costley White, an assistant professor at Rutgers University; Art Spiegelman, of Maus fame; and Stephanie Ybarra, Director of Special Artistic Projects for The Public Theater, join us to discuss how art and culture will shape the opposition to Donald Trump’s presidency. Lisa Miller, contributing editor for New York Magazine, joins Colum McCann, to talk about building empathy through storytelling. Filmmakers Kristi Zea and Alison Klayman join us to discuss their new films, “Everybody Knows… Elizabeth Murray,” and “The 100 Years Show.” Then, investigative journalists Malia Politzer and Emily Kassie on their latest article from the Huffington Post Highline, “The 21st Century Gold Rush: How the refugee crisis is changing the world economy.”