White Collar Criminals, Sam Pollard's 'Two Trains Runnin,' All About Butter

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Former Enron CEO Kenneth Lay is sworn in at a Senate Commerce Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in a 2/12/2002 file photo in Washington.  Lay was convicted 5/25/2006 of all 6 counts against him.

Eugene Soltes looks at what drives wealthy people to engage in corporate schemes and fraud, from Kenneth Lay at Enron to Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff. Actors Michael Urie and Robin de Jesús, who are starring in “Homos, Or Everyone in America,” discuss the new play, along with playwright, Jordan Seavey. Emmy-winning director Sam Pollard on his documentary “Two Trains Runnin’" set in Mississippi during the Freedom Summer of 1964. We're churning out the history of butter with Elaine Khosrova on today's Please Explain.