Uncovering Voting Rights Abuses. Laura Dern on 'Certain Women.' Sônia Braga on 'Aquarius.'

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AQUARIUS1: Sônia Braga

Guest host Jonathan Capehart, columnist for The Washington Post and a contributor to MSNBC, is filling is today for Leonard.

Journalist Ari Berman talks about his ongoing investigation on mass voter disenfranchisement in Wisconsin. Sônia Braga stars in the film, “Aquarius,” directed by Kleber Mendonca Filho. Director Kelly Reichardt and actress Laura Dern talk about their film, “Certain Women,” which follows the lives of three women in a small town in the rural Northwest. Dr. Susan Sorenson discusses a new study that tracks nonfatal gun violence in abusive relationships, and explains why a gun doesn't have to go off to cause psychological and physical trauma.