Closing Private Prisons in the U.S., Hacking Elections, Novelist James Patterson

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Vehicles parked outside the La Palma Correctional Center in Eloy, Arizona, on May 11, 2010. La Palma, which houses about 2,900 convicts from CA, is one of 65 facilities operated by Corrections Corp.

Investigative journalist Seth Freed Wessler returns to discuss the Justice Department’s announcement on August 18th that it will end or “substantially reduce” the scope of all its contracts with private prison operators. 17-year-old Nicolaia Rips talks about her eccentric upbringing in the Chelsea Hotel in her memoir, Trying to Float. Best-selling author James Patterson wrote and hosts the new documentary, "Murder of a Small Town." Ben Wofford, a contributing editor to Politico Magazine, and Princeton University computer science professor Andrew Appel reveal how vulnerable American voting machines are to hackers.