The Birth of Judicial Conservatism. Taking the Lead at Work While Parenting at Home.

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(Front, L-R): John M. Harlan, Hugo L. Black, Chief Justice Warren E. Burger, William O. Douglas, William J. Brennan Jr. (Back, L-R): Thurgood Marshall, Potter Stewart, Byron R. White, Harry Blackmun.

Manoush Zomorodi, host of WNYC's Note to Self, is filling in for Leonard today!

Law professor Michael Graetz and journalist Linda Greenhouse reveal how Warren Burger's Supreme Court of the 1970s led to the ride of the judicial right. Rachel Dratch and Reg Rodgers are starring in “Privacy," a play that explores our relationship with technology, now at the Public Theater. Marlo Mack, who hosts a podcast called, "How to Be a Girl," gives her perspective on bathroom legislation. How technology may help solve the work/life balance conundrum for working parents.