Seven Years of U.S. Drone Strikes, the Case Against Roger Ailes

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An MQ-1B Predator remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) flies past a MQ-9 Reaper RPA as it taxis during a training mission at Creech Air Force Base on November 17, 2015 in Indian Springs, Nevada.

WNYC reporter Ilya Marritz is filling in for Leonard today!

Robert Greenwald gives an update on U.S. drone strikes, following the latest White House data report. Author Katherine Heiny talks about her debut collection of short stories, Single, Carefree, Mellow. This week's "Also-Rans" looks at the Great Triumvirate, slavery and the Compromise of 1850 with Jon Meacham. NPR media correspondent David Folkenflik reports on the sexual harassment suit brought against former Fox news chief Roger Ailes by host Gretchen Carlson.