How One Couple Fought Through Addiction and Prison, Director Benoit Jacquot Remakes a Classic French Film

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Léa Seydoux as Celestine in Benoit Jacquot's "Diary of a Chambermaid."

Writer Susan Stellin and photographer Graham MacIndoe detail how they overcame addiction and made it through the criminal justice system in their memoir Chancers. In his new book, Chuck Klosterman challenges our certainty of basic concepts, from our understanding of time and gravity, to our political beliefs. Director Benoit Jacquot on his remake of the classic film, "Diary of a Chambermaid" based on the 1900 novel by Octave Mirbeau. Journalist and podcast host John Knefel profiles a group of young Americans who plan to smuggle themselves into northern Syria to join the Kurdish militia in an article in the Village Voice.