The U.S. Government's Secret Drone Warfare Program, Chef Daniel Boulud on Lyonnaise and French Cuisine

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Himyar al Qadhi stands next to a building pockmarked by damage from the drone strike that killed his brother Adnan, who was targeted for his alleged ties to AQAP.

Investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill discusses the "Drone Papers," leaked documents detailing U.S. warfare programs in Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia. Matti Friedman's new book, Pumpkinflowers, tells the story of a group of Israeli soldiers in Lebanon during the late 1990s. Historian Simon Sebag Montefiore details the lives of the 20 tsars who ruled Russia for over 300 years. Step inside the bouchons of Lyon and sample sausages, pastries filled with meat pâté and pork snouts with chef Daniel Boulud and Saveur magazine's Adam Sachs