Human Trafficking on the U.S.-Mexico Border, Gilbert Gottfried Revisits 'Aladdin,' Imagining Trump without Twitter

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"Comanche," a Sinaloa cartel boss who oversees an illegal smuggling cell in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, looks over the border wall at a US Border Patrol surveillance truck atop a hill in Arizona.

Guest host Arun Venugopal, host of WNYC's Micropolis, is filling in today for Leonard. Brian Anderson investigates the modern realities of illegally crossing the Mexican-American border in a series for "Motherboard," VICE's tech and culture site. Gilbert Gottfried talks about the documentary “Life, Animated,” and his "Amazing Colossal Podcast." Playwright Ike Holter and actors Christina Nieves and Ryan Spahn on the New York premiere of "Exit Strategy." A new article in "Vanity Fair" by Nick Bilton looks at how Silicon Valley may have unwittingly helped to create Donald Trump.