Forces of Nature, Including Fracking, an Avalanche, and Endurance

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Park Ranger Andre with Ndakasi, one of the resident Mountain Gorillas of Virunga National Park.

Sitting in for Leonard today is guest host Fisher Stevens. Stevens won a 2010 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature for his film, "The Cove." He's also an actor who has appeared on TV shows like Lost and movies like The Grand Budapest Hotel. Today, he talks to Josh Fox, who uncovers the myth of natural gas being clean and safe, one pushed by the gas industry, and investigates drilled wells that inevitably leak over time. Swedish filmmaker Ruben Östlund discusses his latest film, “Force Majeure,” about a family on a ski trip in the French Alps who escape and avalanche. Director Orlando von Eisiendel discusses his latest documentary, "Virunga," about a team of park rangers and the endangered mountain gorillas they protect from poachers, militia and industry. Cyclist Greg LeMond discusses his three Tour de France championships, and provides fitness tips for the rest of us!