Dysfunction and Danger: A Bus Station and a Spy in the Middle East

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Port Authority bus terminal. One-third of all commuters from New Jersey pass through the terminal every day, but the building hasn't kept up with the number of buses or people coming and going.

WNYC’s transportation reporter Jim O’Grady checks out the Port Authority’s over-crowded, dysfunctional Midtown bus terminal. Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer Kai Bird tells the story of the life and death of Robert Ames, one of the most important operatives in CIA history. Mark Chiusano talks about his debut collection of short stories—all set in Brooklyn—called Marine Park. We’ll speak with independent scientists who’ve seized control of a 1970s-era satellite. Plus: a look at the exploitation of pro-wrestlers, who have no health insurance benefits, no job security, and are under-compensated for doing dangerous work.