Vanishing Neighbors, Diagnosing Pets, and a Reemerging Disease

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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Dogs can suffer from depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders. Sad dog Dogs can suffer from depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders. (Copyright: RazoomGame/Shutterstock)

On today’s show, Marc Dunkelman argues that we've become less aware of what's happening in the lives of people from different economic backgrounds, education levels, or age groups, and this disconnect lies at the heart of America's economic troubles and political gridlock. Laurel Braitman explores mental health issues, therapy, and recovery in the animal kingdom. Julia Stiles and  James Wirt discuss their roles in the play “Phoenix.” And we’ll find out about an outbreak of bubonic plague in Madagascar.

Everyday Interactions Foster Debate, Compromise and Healthier Communities

The more we become socially isolated individually, the more our society as a whole suffers, argues Marc Dunkelman.

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Depressed Dogs, Anxious Cats

Like humans, animals can become depressed and anxious and can suffer from disorders like OCD and PTSD, and many zoo animals are on anti-depressants.

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A Complicated One-Night Stand

Julia Stiles and James Wirt star in the new play "Phoenix," in which a chance encounter leads to a cross-country journey.


The Government's Guidelines for Labeling You a Terrorist

Jeremy Scahill talks about how the Obama Administration has expanded the terrorist screening system and what causes people end up on the watch list.

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The Black Plague Returns

In 2013, some 600 were sickened and more than 90 people died from a plague outbreak in Madagascar.

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Video: Sean Hemingway on His Grandfather Ernest

Ernest Hemingway's grandson Sean Hemingway talks about putting together a new edition of The Sun Also Rises, which includes drafts and notes and deleted chapters.


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