U.S.-Russian Relations; Catherine Deneuve; Sarah Ruhl's Play "Stage Kiss"; Lobsters and Pain; Bananas

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President Barack Obama meets with President Vladimir Putin at his dacha outside Moscow, Russia, July 7, 2009.

On today’s show: Russia expert Angela Stent, who served as an adviser to Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, gives us her take on the unfolding situation in Ukraine and the other issues that are affecting U.S.-Russian relations. Catherine Deneuve, who’s been called “France’s greatest actress,” talks about her new film, “On My Way.” Sarah Ruhl tells us about "Stage Kiss,” her new play about two actors with a past who are cast as romantic leads,blurring the line between acting and real-life. We’ll take a look at a new study that shows that lobsters, squid and crabs feel pain. And we'll find out how the expected merger between Chiquita and Irish fruit seller Fyffes may affect the banana industry.