How Amazon Is Transforming Publishing and Hollywood; "The Standys"; a Farm-to-Table Meal

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

On tomorrow’s show, New Yorker staff writer George Packer talks about how Amazon has transformed the world of publishing and how it’s now taking on Hollywood. Director Stephanie Riggs on the new documentary, “The Standbys,” about the lives and careers of the Broadway understudies. And we’ll be joined by Ben Crawford and Alena Watters, who are featured in the film. Kurt Timmermeister brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “farm-to-table,” and he tells the story of one meal, made using only ingredients grown on his Washington State farm.

The Amazon Transformation

Amazon has transformed the publishing industry and is poised to transform Hollywood, too. The New Yorker's George Packer explains how.

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"The Standbys," a Documentary about Broadway Understudies

Stephanie Riggs, the director of the new documentary "The Standbys," discusses her film, a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of Broadway understudies who are rarely seen by audiences. These performers, known as "standbys," remain backstage, prepared to go on at a moment's notice.  She will be joined by Ben Crawford and Alena Watters, who are featured in the film. "The Standbys" opens at the Quad Cinemas on February 21.


Farmer Kurt Timmermeister and a Farm-to-Table Feast

Kurt Timmermeister transitioned from Seattle chef and restaurateur to small-scale farmer. He tells the story of one meal, made using only with ingredients from his Washington State farm. His new book Growing a Feast: The Chronicle of a Farm-to-Table Meal documents the efforts farmers undertake to provide food for our tables.

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Recipe: Kurt Timmermeister's Black Pepper Crackers

Try making your own peppery crackers at home!

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Recipe: Kurt Timmermeister's Butter Cookies

Farmer and chef Kurt Timmermeister uses butter made from the milk of his own Jersey cows in these butter cookies. 


Recipe: Kurt Timmermeister's Tomato Upside-Down Cake

You don't need pineapple when you can use fresh, sweet, farm-grown tomatoes in a buttery upside-down cake.


Tributes: Mavis Gallant

It’s a common fantasy for many aspiring writers to move to Paris, in hopes of becoming famous.  Mavis Gallant is one of the few who did; plus she succeeded where so many others fail, in only a matter of years.  The Montreal native became known as a “writer’s writer” in the course of 10 collections of short stories, which originally appeared in the New Yorker.  She died recently in Paris, the city where she worked for most of her life, at the age of 91.  We were lucky to have had the chance to speak with her back in 2006 when she reflected on a career that had already spanned half a century. 


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