Ethics and Reading DNA; the Rise and Fall of Penn Station; You Disappear; What You Should Know About Obamacare

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The original Penn Station (Library of Congress)

On today’s show: we’ll examine the challenging ethical, social and legal questions posed by reading the DNA of a newborn. Then, a look at the building and sad destruction of Penn Station. Christian Jungersen discusses his new novel, You Disappear, about the way we understand others, and ourselves. Plus, we’ll get an update on the rollout of Obamacare is going and what consumers should know about enrolling!

Reading a Newborn's DNA

New York Times reporter Anne Eisenberg talks about new technology that allows us to read the DNA of a newborn child and looks at the ethical questions such testing raises for parents and doctors. She’s joined by Dr. Robert Klitzman, professor of clinical psychiatry and bioethics at Columbia University, and Dr. Ed McCabe, the chief medical officer of the March of Dimes, who was active in the National Institutes of Health’s issuing of grants for research into the social, ethical and legal implications of being able to read the DNA blueprint of a newborn. Eisenberg’s article “The Path to Reading a Newborn’s DNA Map” appeared in the New York Times February 8.

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The Rise and Fall of Penn Station

Penn Station opened November 27, 1910, and was a grand, beautiful building. But in 1961, the financially strapped Pennsylvania Railroad tore down the train station to build Madison Square Garden. How'd it all go so wrong?

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Christian Jungersen's Novel You Disappear

Christian Jungersen talks about her new novel You Disappear, a psychological drama about what happens to a couple when a brain tumor begins to change a man’s personality.


What You Should Know about Obamacare

Nancy Metcalf, Senior Health Editor for Consumer Reports explains some important facts about the new health care law that consumers should know. She also talks about the roll-out and how the program is serving consumers so far.

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