A Pill that Prevents HIV; Black Barbershops and Civil Rights; "Outside Mullingar"; Please Explain

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Friday, January 31, 2014

A pill called Truvada has been shown to prevent HIV—it’s safe, effective, approved by the FDA, and often covered by health insurance. We’ll find out why so few people are taking it. We’ll look into the cultural history of black barbershops in the United States since the 19th century, and the role they played in the civil rights movement. Debra Messing and Bryan F. O’Byrne talk about starring in John Patrick Shanley’s latest play, “Outside Mullingar.” Plus: following last week’s Please Explain about dogs, this week, we’ll find out all about cats!

If This Pill Prevents HIV, Why Is No One Taking It?

It’s been over a year since The FDA approved Truvada, a once-a-day medication that prevents HIV infection. But for some reason, it's not catching on. The lead scientist who developed the treatment explains why.

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Black Barbershops and the Civil Rights Movement

Historian Quincy T. Mills chronicles the cultural history of black barbershops as businesses and civic institutions. He talks about how barbers played a significant though complicated role in 20th-century racial politics. His book Cutting Along the Color Line: Barbershops is a sweeping history of an iconic cultural establishment that shows how black entrepreneurship was linked to the struggle for equality.

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Debra Messing and Brian F. O’Byrne in "Outside Mullingar"

Debra Messing and Brian F. O’Byrne talk about their roles in John Patrick Shanley’s play “Outside Mullingar.” They play Anthony and Rosemary, two introverted misfits. Anthony has spent his entire life on a cattle farm in rural Ireland, which suits him well because he’s painfully shy. His neighbor Rosemary is determined to have him but is watching the years slip away. “Outside Mullingar” is playing at the Samuel J. Friedman Theatre.

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Please Explain: Cats

John Bradshaw, director of the University of Bristol’s Anthrozoology Institute, and author of Cat Sense: How the New Feline Science Can Make You a Better Friend to Your Pet, tells us all about cats—from how they were first domesticated to how they hunt to how they show affection. He offers new insights about the domestic cat that challenge many of our most basic assumptions about our feline companions.

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Guest Picks: Brian F. O'Byrne

Brian F. O'Byrne was on the Leonard Lopate Show recently, with co-star Debra Messing, to talk about starring John Patrick Shanley's play, Outside Mullingar. He also told us about being moved by watching The Mets and claims that he's dull. (We don't believe him.)


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