Blythe Danner and Sarah Jessica Parker on Stage; Animating Interviews; Escaping Slavery; Richard Powers' Novel; Special Ops

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Blythe Danner and Sarah Jessic Parker in Amanda Peet's "The Commons of Pensacola," directed by Lynne Meadow. Manhattan Theatre Club's World Premiereproduction at MTC at New York City Center.

Blythe Danner and Sarah Jessica Parker talk about starring in Amanda Peet’s play, “The Commons of Pensacola.” Blank on Blank founder David Gerlach on animating archival interviews with everyone from Kurt Cobain to Barry White. We’ll talk to a young woman from Egypt about being sold into slavery in Egypt at the age of 8, and how she was rescued. Richard Power discusses his latest novel, Orfeo. Linda Robinson explains how the American military has turned to its Special Operations Forces more and more over the years.