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Friday, October 04, 2013

Liz Neumark talks about owning one of the city’s premier catering companies and an organic farm—and how to make farm-to-table cooking a reality. We’ll find out about the story of The Stop, which started as a food bank in Toronto, and is now a community center with gardens, a greenhouse, and a farmers market. Marisa McClellan, who writes the blog Food in Jars, shares some pickling tips for everything from cauliflower to squash. This week’s Please Explain is all about the Farm Bill—we’ll find out what programs are affected by the omnibus spending bill, which has been stalled in Congress for over a year.

Liz Neumark on Farm to Table Seasonal Recipes

Liz Neumark discusses founding Katchkie Farm and the Sylvia Center, where children learn firsthand where fresh food comes from—how to grow it, how to harvest it, and how to cook with it. Her new book Sylvia’s Table: Fresh, Seasonal Recipes from Our Farm to Your Table brings these lessons and recipes from the farm to home kitchens. It’s a cookbook for families, featuring recipes from friends like chefs like Michael Romano of Union Square Cafe and Jonathan Waxman of Barbuto; culinary experts including Food & Wine’s Dana Cowin; cookbook authors Giuliano Bugialli, Rozanne Gold, Deborah Madison, and Sara Moulton.

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Transforming a Community with Good Food

The Stop in Toronto that has revolutionized the way we combat hunger and poverty. Community worker Nick Saul became the executive director of The Stop in 1998, and he talks about transforming it from a cramped food bank to a thriving, internationally respected Community Food Centre with gardens, kitchens, a greenhouse, farmers' markets and a mission to revolutionize our food system. He’s the co-author of The Stop: How the Fight for Good Food Transformed a Community and Inspired a Movement.

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Pickling Tips from a Pro

We’ve been pickling as part of Food Fridays! Marisa McClellan, the author of Food in Jars and the blog of the same name, shares her ideas about how to make some more unusual pickles, using everything from cauliflower to pattypan squash.

Join our Pickle Project! Post a photo of your pickling creation on Instagram, and tag it #LopatePickles.

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Please Explain: The Farm Bill

Ron Nixon, New York Times reporter, talks about the Farm Bill—what it means for farmers, how it shapes food and nutrition policy in this country, and why it’s taken so long to pass and updated bill.

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Recipe: Roasted Chicken with Herbs, from Liz Neumark's Sylvia's Table

A classic recipe—and a bonus variation—for perfect roast chicken.


Recipe: Baked Stuffed Zucchini Boats, from Liz Neumark's Sylvia's Table

These are among the most favorite dishes the children make at the Sylvia Center.


Recipe: Grilled Tamarind Turkey Burgers, from Liz Neumark's Sylvia's Table

An alternative to beef burgers that kids will gobble down. 

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Recipe: Marisa McClellan's Classic Dill Pickles

You can make these tangy, garlicky, slightly spicy dill pickles at home.

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Pickled okra

Recipe: Marisa McClellan's Pickled Okra

Marisa McClellan says that pickling manages to eradicate the interior slime okra can have and leaves a crunchy, brine-filled pickle. It’s a dream eaten alongside a plate of spicy food.


How To Process: Food in Jars

The basic process for canning and pickling.

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