The Knowns And Unknowns Of Russia's Election Meddling

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Thursday he will “recuse himself if necessary” from overseeing a Justice Department investigation into any ties between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, after it was revealed that Sessions himself met twice before the presidential election with Sergey Kislyak, Russia’s ambassador.

Meanwhile, the New York Times reported that in the final days of the Obama administration, the White House rushed to spread information about Russia’s involvement in the election across the U.S. government to leave a clear trail of intelligence for investigators.

Here & Now‘s Eric Westervelt (@Ericnpr) talks about the latest news with Malcolm Nance (@MalcolmNance), a career intelligence officer and author of “The Plot to Hack America: How Putin’s Cyberspies and WikiLeaks Tried to Steal the 2016 Election.”

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