4 – The French Manicure – The Long Shadow of Shirley Temple

"I left Vietnam in 1972. I listen the radio when I was in high school. I still in Vietnam at that time. I left with US troops during the Vietnam War. I really love the song, you know, played by Glen Campbell, "Wichita Lineman." And all the song from the Bee Gee, from Beatle, Rolling Stone, I love. When I was young I heard, you know, "California Dream." I thought, `Wow, San Francisco, everybody wearing their flower in their hair?' I make my wish: when I grow up, I like to come to United States. I like to live in San Francisco, see if I can get flower in my hair. That's a "California Dreaming," the song. But when I come here in 1979--oh, it is hard. I have no relative. Just, like, a couple of friend. They help me. And I'm not able to be speaking very, very well. So every day when I am driving, I put a tape in my radio so I'm listening. When you come to the country here, the easy way to be get in--get a job is to go to into the nail salon. That's why the population from Vietnam, they all do nail business."