#AskTheMayor; Immunotherapy as New Cancer Treatment; Toss the Floss

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A young woman flossing her teeth in the bathroom mirror, USA, September 1985.

On today's show:

  • We continue our weekly #AskTheMayor series, with Mayor Bill de Blasio.
  • It turns out that there's very little evidence to show that flossing actually works. The AP's Jeff Donn discusses his recent reporting.
  • Dr. Jedd D. Wolchok, oncologist and researcher at Sloan Kettering, talks about treating people with melanoma with innovative ways to use the immune system to treat cancer.
  • Susan Page, Washington bureau chief of USA TODAY, offers analysis of the latest from the presidential campaigns and Washington news.
  • Terence Blanchard, trumpeter and composer, and Erika Elliott, SummerStage executive artistic director, talk about upcoming programming and how it connects with current social tension.