Atlantic City Mayor Says No to a State Takeover; Debating Corporate Subsidies

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Atlantic City at sundown

Coming up on today's show:

  • In our continued series of interviews with surrogates standing in for the 2016 candidates, hear from Robert Becker, Bernie 2016's deputy national field director.
  • Should corporate subsidies be eliminated? Hear a debate between Jack Abramoff, former top DC lobbyist who served 43 months in prison for corruption, and Kate Gordon, a "green jobs" advocate.
  • Investigative economist James Henry explains what was revealed in the Panama papers leak.
  • Hear about the modern-day figures who have continued the founding fathers' vision to instate equal rights and opportunities, with Fox News political analyst Juan Williams.
  • Atlantic City is going down, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie says the only way to save it from financial ruin is for local lawmakers to approve a state takeover. The mayor of Atlantic City Don Guardian explains why a bailout package would be a more helpful – and more ethical – way for the state to help.