The Elites Versus the Trump Voters; Jokes About Doctors' Handwriting Soon to Be Obsolete; Avoiding Tax Season Scams

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New York will soon require doctors to use e-prescriptions rather then pen-and-pad prescriptions, to reduce the chances of drug abuse and fraud.

Coming up on today's show:

  • The "Stop Trump" train is getting ready to leave the station. Hear about how top Republican elites are uniting against Donald Trump's campaign.
  • Jim Sleeper, author and lecturer in political science at Yale University, wants to take Trump voters' concerns seriously, and says his popularity exposes a "vacuum" in American political discourse.
  • We'll discuss two measures meant to curb drug abuse and fraud: new CDC guidelines that recommend pain relievers over highly addictive medications, and new requirements in New York state that will require doctors to give e-prescriptions.
  • David Kilcullen, a former adviser on counterinsurgency to General Petraeus, takes a close look at 2014 and the rise of ISIS, spreading the blame between Presidents Bush and Obama.
  • A personal finance expert advises on the do's and don'ts of getting your taxes done, including how to avoid getting hustled.

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