The Milwaukee Debate; Homegrown Terrorists; The Gravitational Chirp Heard Around the World

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The effects of a supermassive black hole.

Coming up on today's show:

  • Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton faced off in Milwaukee last night. POLITICO's Annie Karni breaks down what happened.
  • CNN's national security expert Peter Bergin reports on some of the 300+ Americans who have been charged with supporting Islamic terrorism.
  • Brian Greene, co-founder of the World Science Festival and professor of mathematics & physics at Columbia University, explains Thursday's first detection of gravitational waves, predicted by Albert Einstein, and the "faint chirp" of two black holes colliding.
  • Hear how information technology is changing markets to such an extent that the term "capitalism" will no longer apply.
  • The director of the Oscar-nominated foreign language film "Mustang," Deniz Gamze Urgüven, talks about her work about girls growing up in Turkey, navigating the limits placed upon them by Islam.