My God and Your God; The End of No Child Left Behind; The Star Wars Effect

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Promotional image for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens.'

Coming up on today's show:

  • A recent study found that one-third of millennials are self-described atheists. Hear a multi-generational call-in for millennials and their parents to discuss what religion they practice in comparison with each other.
  • Statistics show that whether an immigrant has representation in court has enormous bearing on the outcome of their case.
  • Listeners call in to discuss what two monotheistic religions - Islam and Christianity - do and don't have in common, and why these intersections matter.
  • It’s the end of No Child Left Behind. We’ll look at whether the new nation-wide education law, which shifts decision-making back to the states, can close the achievement gap that No Child Left Behind was intended to fix.
  • Hear about the impact of Star Wars on the generation who grew up with it, and the impact it could have on today's children.