Christie's Plan to Loosen Gun Laws; Ask Us to Google Your Newsy Loose Ends

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A loose end.

Coming up on today's show:

  • Matt Katz from New Jersey Public Radio explains Governor Christie’s plan to loosen gun laws in the state.
  • Jamelle Bouie of Slate asks whether Trump is winning despite his racism and bigotry, or because of it.
  • Remember a news story that had everyone buzzing earlier this year? We're inviting you to call in about anything - from Rachel Dolezal to the Legionnaires' outbreak - and we'll Google it live on the air and give you a status update on your newsy loose end.
  • Adam McKay, who directed the movie "The Big Short," describes how to destroy the economy in a few easy steps.
  • And our #ConnectingCongress series continues with United States Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ).