An Indictment in Chicago; Karl Rove Evokes 1896; Thanks For Existing

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Thanksgiving is about a lot more than just the turkey, though it is still pretty important.

Coming up on today’s show:

  • A Chicago police officer who fatally shot a black teenager has been charged with first-degree murder. New Republic's Jamil Smith and John Jay College's Eugene O'Donnell discuss the video of the Chicago shooting and an unrelated shooting of Black Lives Matters protestors in Minneapolis.
  • Karl Rove, a Fox News contributor who ran George W. Bush’s successful presidential campaign, points out the similarities between current campaigns and those of 1896, when the Ohio governor created a Republican majority that continued for decades.
  • A Syrian historian and journalist offers his front-row view of how ISIS developed and unfolded in the Middle East.
  • Slate's new "Dear Prudie" columnist fields your questions and concerns about Thanksgiving.
  • Your calls about things to be thankful for that aren’t in your personal life.