Glenn Greenwald; New Presidential Candidates & Old Parenting Advice

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Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald in Hong Kong, from "Citizenfour," a film by Laura Poitras.

When Edward Snowden leaked information from the National Security Agency he chose Glenn Greenwald as one of the data recipients. Greenwald updates Snowden's story and his own ongoing work uncovering government surveillance. Plus: Tiller Russell's new documentary, "The Seven Five" tells the story of NYPD officer Michael Dowd, who infamously led a drug trade in the streets of East New York during the 1980s and early 1990s; Ylonda Gault Caviness discusses her journey to learning the new parenting advice she was devouring (and writing about) wasn't as good as the old advice her mother followed; and meet the new presidential candidates -- a brain surgeon and a CEO.