Cord Cutting; Consent; and Children’s Safety with Raffi

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(L-R) unknown guitarist, Pete Seeger (banjo), Raffi Cavoukian, David Amram (tin whistle) play in front of the Hudson River at the Clearwater Festival in Croton Point Park in Croton-on Hudson, N.Y.

There’s more to the children’s singer Raffi than “Baby Beluga” - he’s also an activist. He shares how he’s been advocating for children’s safety, especially online. Plus: new options to cut the cord on your cable package are popping up now with some regularity, with announcements this week about new services from HBO Go and CBS; some states and colleges, including all of SUNY, are redefining consensual sex from the old mantra of ‘no means no’ to ‘yes means yes’; and behind every tattoo, there’s a story.