25 Years Since: "The End of History;" the Start of "The Simpsons"

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West Berliners crowd in front of the Berlin Wall on Nov. 11, 1989 as they watch East German border guards demolishing a section of the wall to open a new crossing point between East and West Berlin.

We kick off our special series celebrating The Brian Lehrer Show: 25 years in 25 days. For the first year the show was on the air, 1989, Stanford’s Francis Fukuyama, the author of the seminal book "The End of History" and Rutgers’ Jan Kubik talk about the end of the Cold War from today’s vantage point. Plus: Studio 360’s Kurt Andersen reflects on another show celebrating its 25th this year – "The Simpsons;" what you need to know about enterovirus 68; City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito on a new fund for unaccompanied minors; and the story of one queer, feminist Latina growing up as a first-generation American.