Ray LaHood, Fighting for Rights, and the Real Dangers of Sitting

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Former U.S. Transportation Secretary and now co-chair of the MTA’s Reinvention Commission Ray LaHood talks about the agency’s plan to deal with more riders, climate change and other vexing problems, and how the advisory board is listening to suggestions from the public. Plus: the ongoing conflict in Gaza; the inventor of the treadmill desk explains why sitting is so bad for you and how you can get moving if you have a desk job; a lawsuit seeks to codify the right to record police officers in public places; and a look at the issues surrounding ethnic identity and plastic surgery. 

The Truth Behind the Israeli Kidnapped Teens Story

After it has come to light that the boys were kidnapped by a splinter group not formally affiliated with Hamas, one reporter explains how the evolving story is affecting the off-and-on negotiations for a ceasefire in Gaza.

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What They're Gonna Do About the MTA

The MTA has set up a Transportation Reinvention Commission, an advisory board on how the system can deal with growing ridership, climate change, and other challenges. Ray LaHood, former U.S. transportation secretary and now co-chair of the MTA's Reinvention Commission, talks about how they're taking public comment and what comes next.

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Your Office Chair is Killing You

Sitting all day is really, really bad for you. Really bad. James A Levine, inventor of the treadmill desk, talks about the ways you can start to break the sitting habit. To start with: stand up every hour, on the hour.

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A Fight For the Right To Record Police Officers

Civil rights attorney Norman Siegel discusses his client Debra Goodman's lawsuit, which seeks to clarify that people have the right (under the First Amendment) to film or record police officers without being harassed or arrested. Goodman discusses her arrest after filming police activity last year and what she's hoping to accomplish with the lawsuit she filed in federal court. 

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Ethnic Identity and Plastic Surgery

Why is plastic surgery skyrocketing among Asian-Americans, Hispanics and African-Americans? The answer has a lot to do with ethnic identity.

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